Types of Construction Equipments

If you are looking forward to start your own construction business then you must be well aware of the types of construction equipments used in different industries for different purposes. The construction equipments range from very heavy and bulky ones to smaller and portable ones. Each of the equipment has its own use and purpose. You must have seen lots of equipments like cranes, road rollers, and excavators etc. being used in various construction sites.

These days you can lease out or purchase various construction equipments online. ‘Apacvault.com’ is an excellent site which is gradually taking up as one of the leading organizations making the construction equipments available at reasonable prices. This site also deals in sale of construction machinery like cranes, crawlers, and loaders etc. You can be assured of the quality of machines as they deal in supplying machinery from top manufacturers such as Bobcat, Caterpillar, Komatsu and John Deere. If you are interested in knowing about various types of construction equipments, then these types are listed below-

  1. Object Lifters – These construction equipments as the name suggests are used to lift heavy and bulky objects such as pillars used in construction of metro railway tracks. They are also used for transferring heavy objects from one place to the other. Some of the common lifters are cranes, forklifts and freights. All these equipments come in variety of sizes and load capacities. Mostly cranes are used in civil construction sites whereas forklifts are used in factories and warehouses move heavy objects.
  2. Excavators – These types of equipments are mainly used in construction sites to perform digging operations. Also known as bobcats and backhoes, the excavators are mostly used for digging holes and trenches. Apart from their use on construction sites, excavators are also used in mining, landscaping and river dredging.
  3. Crawlers – These are heavy equipments used mostly for demolition purposes. You must have seen bulldozers being used to demolish various illegal encroachments and buildings. They are also sometimes used to level the land where new roads are to be constructed.
  4. Loaders – These are also heavy equipments similar to tractors front mounted with square wide bucket. These equipments are used to load construction material like asphalt, gravel, sand, demolition debris etc. onto other equipments like conveyor belts and dump trucks. Loaders known as front loaders are mostly used at sidewalks and parking lots to remove snow.