What should you look out for when purchasing used construction equipments?

Construction equipments are expensive, which is why many organisations prefer to purchase second-hand equipments or rent them instead of purchasing them first hand. When purchasing or renting used construction equipments, one should inspect the machines thoroughly and ensure that they are fully operational. Used machines rarely come with warranty; hence, you need to take additional precautions before making a purchase.

First and foremost, you should ensure that the engine of the machine you are about to purchase does not emit smoke when in operation. Machines that are built and designed by reputed companies like Caterpillar, John Deere, Komatsu and Volvo usually last for more than 30 years. So, before making a purchase, get the necessary details of the machine, including the year of manufacture and the extent of prior usage.

Next, check the hoses and arms of the equipment for any signs of leakage. Construction machines generate a lot of heat because of friction from mechanical movements. Sometimes, these machines get overheated and make abnormal noises when in use. This accelerates the degradation of the equipment and basic tasks take longer time for completion. So, before making a purchase, ensure that the machine does not generate abnormal noises. Otherwise, you may end up spending a fortune on repairs.

If you are planning to rent construction equipment, get a detailed list of the services you are entitled to. As a general rule of thumb, leaseholders are not responsible for the maintenance of the construction equipment. This would be taken care by the vendor or supplier. Also, it is the responsibility of the vendor or supplier to repair construction equipment and ensure that it is fully functional before it is up for lease.

Apart from ensuring that the construction equipment is operational, one should also pay attention to the safety features. The cabin of the machine, in which the construction worker sits, should be fitted with a seat belt and be ergonomically designed for the comfort of the user.

Above all, before you purchase a machine, get the dealer to explain all the controls and safety features. Also, test the equipment before purchasing or renting it. By doing so, you will know how well the machine is functioning and how to operate it. As a consumer, you have every right to reject any piece of equipment which does not comply with the safety standards of your country and organisation.