Commonly used construction equipments and tools

There are a variety of construction equipments and tools that are used in construction purpose. Construction equipments are some of the most required instruments that are required in each and every industry. There are a number of industries that are suing these construction equipments on a daily basis. Caterpillar is the leading company that is known to manufacture a variety of construction equipments and tools.  Some of the commonly used construction equipments include – crane, road roller, excavator, forklift, radial drilling etc that make the construction work easier. To know more about the construction equipments and tools in detail, you can visit, where you will get all the information on the equipments related to the construction industry. Below is the list of some of the commonly used construction equipments that help the builders in a variety of ways.

  • Bull dozers – This construction equipment is used to move earth and to pull down trees. One can also use bull dozer to break stones, loosen and move dirt etc. This is one of the commonly used construction equipment that is very useful.
  • Concrete mixer – This is commonly used construction equipment that is used to mix concrete. The concrete mixed by this equipment is used for construction purpose. Using this equipment, one can mix sand, cement and water to form concrete. This equipment consists of a drum that revolves constantly to mix the ingredients in it. One can get the concrete in the right consistency by using this equipment.
  • Road roller – This equipment is used to compress the surface and make it flat by pressing it with its own weight. This equipment can be operated on an uneven ground. To make the surface smooth and harder, it is rolled with the help of a metallic drum.
  • Crane – This equipment has a tower that is equipped with pulleys and cables. Using this equipment, one can lift materials and move them from one place to the other.
  • Excavator – Using excavator, one can lift objects and heavy materials into a truck. This equipment has long arms that transport heavy materials at the construction site.

Apart from the above said equipments, one can find a variety of tools that help the workers during construction.  These equipments do heavy jobs, which cannot be handled by normal people. One can hire these equipments from any authorized dealer, instead of buying them. It is very important to follow some rules and regulations while operating these equipments.