5 Machines That Ease the Building Construction Hassle

It is no easy job to construct a building, it requires month of manual labor, supervision and architecture. The situation was same, until the dawn of the last century, when building construction was a hard mess, which used to take month, and even years of time. But today, there are so many machine and equipment on every construction site which can make the construction work quicker, safer and easier.

Let us have a look at five equipments that ease the construction hassle

5 Machines That Ease the Building Construction Hassle

1.  Concrete Mixers

They are also famous as cement mixers. They can be used mix cement, water and sand or gravel and form concrete. It has a revolving drum which helps in mixing the ingredients. Portable concrete mixers for small volume are easy to use and can be moved around the construction site.

2. Forklifts

A forklift truck is a small truck used to lift and transport materials around the site of construction. Usual forklifts have capacities ranging from one to five tons. Forklifts of about fifty tons of capacity are also available for lifting heavier loads.

3. Dumpers

It is a four wheeled vehicle which is used to carry bulk material around the construction site. It is often used at building sites.

4. Cranes

It is a huge machine, used to lift heavy things from once place and transfer them to other place. It can be used to lift materials and also lower them, while moving them horizontally. It is commonly used for assembling of heavy equipment and transfer of materials

5. Slurry Pumps

It is a pump device which is used to move fluids, liquids, gases or slurries. It increases the pressure of solid and liquid through centrifugal force to convert electrical energy into slurry potential and kinetic energy.